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Ace 570 SP brand new for $4,999??

Thread: Ace 570 SP brand new for $4,999??

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  1. WadeSTL's Avatar

    WadeSTL said:
    Ended up getting a regular 570 for $5,058.50 out the door. There is a SP for sale that I know of for $6,400 brand new. If anyone wants to know where just PM me. Also, they were a joke to deal with and we're going to lower their price for the non SP to $4,700 out the door for me but it was too late. I went with a closer dealer and one that was more up front. I'm guessing if you played hard ball you could get the SP for under 6k if you tried.
  2. Quyen's Avatar

    Quyen said:
    The ol bait and switch.. No business from me. Gonna go buy it at another place for $5,499 just because I can't deal with asshats.
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  3. Sled Dog's Avatar

    Sled Dog said:
    New 2017 570 SP, OTD $6700, I'm Satisfied....................