Well got some mod time...what's next
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Well got some mod time...what's next

This is a discussion on Well got some mod time...what's next within the ACE Talk forums, part of the Polaris ACE Forums category; Just had a injury. Tore my left achilles tendon bad. IN 'boot' and in VA medical system so 29 Oct before ortho even sees me ...

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Thread: Well got some mod time...what's next

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    Well got some mod time...what's next

    Just had a injury. Tore my left achilles tendon bad. IN 'boot' and in VA medical system so 29 Oct before ortho even sees me after ER yep it's torn visit. Yea for VA. 100%r but on hold, take these hydrocodone and go away till your appointment. All the fun sports and other activities, I tear it going up three steps to patio with grocery bags in hand....go figure.

    Got this low hour (12.5) 17 ACE 570, 72 year old ex MX's looking to run next year.

    So what's next as today can't go watch and observe races. My plans for winter are as follows.

    1. ECM module for fuel injection. Had a EJK adjustable fuel module on my Honda CRF230 woke it right up.
    2. Open up exhaust system and air system...let it breathe.
    3. Tighten up and safety wire all the 'vibro' loose parts and plastics.
    4. New 2in spider mount to raise upper H harness mounting.
    5. Looking at new graphics package.....going military digital tactical pattern.(retired US Army Airborne Infantry)

    Need a new neck brace, my MX one does not really keep head bobbin under control
    New padded MX pants as left inner cockpit even padded rubs my leg 'raw', have RSD so issue
    New wrap around seat, H harness not enough to keep seat slide out of mix.

    Any clutch issues I need to look at?

    Again not racing to win, just being there is good enough. Got enough $12 MX trophy's in boxes in the basement.

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    Welcome to the 570.

    Riding (driving?) mine my right leg would give out trying to hold it steady. I added an inch and half foam block to the machine in the area of my calf. Works good.

    I hear you about the head bobbing. My neck is in bad shape -----thyroid deal with a lot of stuff removed. Tried one of the horseshoe things but like you it wasn't enough. That and I about passed out once because it pushed on my jugular. Finally gave up and just hold the chin guard with one hand when I see a dip coming up.

    Surprisingly I've not had any problems with stuff coming loose. I have ripped 3 boots in the two summers I've had it. Finally made some guards out of some mud flaps for the front end. So far so good.

    I ride forest roads and grassy two tracks. Slower going I guess-------making the ride hot as all get out. Tried sealing below the seat and holes in the firewall. Helped but not enough. I ended up relocating the radiator out back. Best thing I've ever done. Granted I have the lower doors and a windshield. Probably would have been OK without either of the two.

    I'd like to get a little more power out of mine too. Maybe someone will reply with experience in having sent off their computer for a tune.

    Hang in there and heal up fast.
    '18 570 EPS

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