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570 sp

  1. Picked up my new 570 SP yesterday

    ACE 570
    So stoked that I finally got a hold of one. The SP apparently is hard to come by here in the PNW. I got a good deal from Columbia River Honda that i'm pretty happy with. They didn't have one on hand but they worked a dealer swap with a shop about 100 miles away and had it brought down. They...
  2. Ordering my 570 SP in 2 weeks. Need moar opinions!

    ACE 570
    Ordering my 570 SP in 2 weeks. Need more opinions! OK so i'm fixin to order my 570SP, but I have some questions to the community about accessories. 1. If i'm doing just standard trail riding (Brown's Camp for example for the Oregon folks) how often do those of you that have them (or wish had...
  3. Getting ready to order my Ace. Can't decide VooDoo or SP and need opinions please!

    ACE Purchasing
    Just joined the forums today and I need some opinions. I'm going to be buying mine in the next couple of weeks and just wondering if anyone can fill me in on opinions / experiences with whether or not the SP would be worth it for the power steering. Most of my riding will be trail riding so i'm...