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  1. ACE 570
    I have a buddy who bought a new set of tires and wheels for his RZR 800, he was running 27 inch Pitbull Rockers on SS212 rims and offered me heck of a deal on his old rims and tires! I was wondering if I would need a clutch kit or Wheel spacers for these to fit my ACE?
  2. ACE Talk
    I need some help with tires please. I purchase aftermarket tires dirt tamer and went up a size to 26-9-12 front and 26-12-12 on back. My problem is now it is harder to steer. So we are going to put these tires and wheels on my husband's ACE. Yes, we own 2 and really like them!!! Much better than...
1-2 of 2 Results