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2014 Polaris Ace
204 Miles (think it says 13.2 Hours)
Has had 1st oil change
Extended Warranty (Polaris 3/2/2016)
Roof & Center Mirror
Stock size Big Horn Tires on RZR Black Crusher Wheels
Factory Tires on Front Only Black Crusher Wheels (Not in picture) (have the 4 factory wheels too)
Front & Rear Polaris Bumpers
EMP Full Front Windshield (plastic / Acrylic?)
Polaris ½ Windshield (plastic / Acrylic?)
Rear Window (Think Polaris plastic / Acrylic?)
Polaris Hard Rear Box
Polaris 2,500-LB Winch w/ Dash Switch
Door Nets (no replacement doors)
Behind the seat bag
Polaris Nerf Bars
Turn Signals & Horn
Ball receiver in Hitch
Have had not accidents or warrantee work
Price $5,750 Firm (am not giving it away!) (if you rather, I can start it at $6,500 & then you can beat me down to the $5,750 LOL)
Call 402-345-5900 or email [email protected]
Please do not PM as I travel a lot & don’t always look
Located in Iowa just outside Omaha, NE
I am selling because wife decided she would rather ride shotgun in my RZR XP1000 than drive when we go to mountains

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