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Just got off the phone with my dealer. I had some problems with all four tires locking up randomly and then everything shutting off suddenly. Turns out the pistons melted and ceased. Polaris requested the motor for inspection, possibly just a random fault. I have a new motor coming that I hope is covered by warranty. They never asked if I wanted a new motor, they just told me a new one is coming - that is a good sign right? lol

Anyone else have or hear of this problem? Any idea on cause? The mechanic's at my dealer couldn't or wouldn't tell me any details, they seemed dumbfounded on the cause. However I heard someone in the back saying they might have put the wrong oil in it, but I could not be certain they where talking about my machine.

Also, my exhaust really, really stank from the moment I rolled it out of the dealership. Smelt like rotting corn and poop.
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