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570 head bolts

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Hey guys, we have a 2015 Ace 570. I'm changing out the piston, rings, cylinder and also going to do a valve job while its apart. I was going to buy new head bolts and going off the oem numbers, there is a difference between a 2015 Ace and a 2016 Ace. Does anyone know what the difference is? I thought all the 570s were the same. Thanks!
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There would be absolutely no reason to replace head bolts unless they got damaged somehow (and that's a tough thing to do). Save your $
Thanks for the reply! That is what I had finally decided to do. I'm still looking for a piston, rings and a cylinder. I saw a company called MCB that offers a standard size kit for $400 and a 625cc big bore kit for another $150. Other than that I haven't seen much for our Lil Ace.
try here for your engine parts.

I will look into it. Thanks for the link!
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