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Hello! I've been chasing down an overheating issue for several months now. These days we rarely take it out but I'm ready to get it fixed and off my list.
I have checked and changed the fan relay, along with the circuit breaker, radiator, fluid and finally thermostat. I have ensured there is no air trapped in the lines or engine and a while back i installed a bypass switch to leave the fan on as needed.
All of this and it will still creep up and over heat whether its sitting or if we are riding it. I really thought the bandaid would be to install the bypass switch...it helped but still over heated again.
When I say overheat it will cycle the fan at around 199 and shut off at 180ish. Then sometimes it will turn fan on and the slowly creep up to 212-215 and if I don't shut it off for a while it will go into limp mode and be in the 230-240 range and this is with fan still running.

With that said, now I'm doing a compression test. The question I have is what is normal static compression on these 570 engines? I'm getting about 65psi cold and that seems a little low to me but I don't have anything to go by. Can anyone help me out?
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