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ACE at Nicolai Mountain in Oregon

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Took my ACE down to Nicolai Mountain this weekend.
It's in Oregon, right on the northern border between Astoria and Clatskanie, just off Hwy 30.
Here are some pics and vid showing the ACE in action.

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Be sure to watch the video in HD if you can.

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Here's another Nicolai video.
You will notice that from about 1:04 to about 1:20, the ACE seems to be slowing down, even though you can hear that I'm still at full throttle. This is because even though it's hard to tell on the video, the hill is pretty steep at that point, and the mud is very wet and sloppy. All four wheels are spinning at that point, throwing mud all over the place.

Be sure to watch the video in HD if you can.

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Want to see an ACE claw its way through a narrow, twisty mountain trail that is still being made?
Here you go.

Be sure to watch the video in HD if you can.

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Now that's TRAIL RIDING!! I'd like to see a XP 1000 or Maverick make it through that trail...lol This video shows exactly what the Ace was made for.
Thanks for posting!
Someone got a little muddy at Nicolai.

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Nice Video. I thought I saw Sasquatch in there. :)
Nice Video. I thought I saw Sasquatch in there. :)
That was probably my friend Graig. :)
Scoundrel, we took ours out this weekend also and came back with the same results as you!!

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Nice! I might put my nets back on while I'm waiting for someone to come out with a good set of doors. Your nets look like they stopped a fair bit of mud.
They did keep a lot of the mud out but they are a pain to get clean....even with a power washer!
I'm waiting also for the doors to start showing up online, soon hopefully!
Huh. crappy trade-off for sure, but I think if it tracks less mud from my clothing into the RV that will be worthwhile.

Did you try brushing the nets after you sprayed them, then spraying again? Or spray the worst off, let them dry, and then brush them?
The power washer did the job on them but it just took some time because your going back and forth from outside to inside a couple of times!
The nets do keep a good bit of mud out. My nets were a mess also and I would imagine that i would have been a lot more muddier with out them. The power washer took care of them but it did a bit of time. Oh, just be careful on the body decals with a power washer. It will take them right off...

I already have my order in for the sport doors which my dealer said would be in at the end of this month.
I only use an electric power washer on my quads because I have seen what my gas one will do to the plastics. Lesson learned!!:nono:
Maybe I'll try the pressure washer on the safety sticker on the left side of the dashboard...
Great videos. Can't wait till I get the weather around here to do some of the same.
Got lucky, got a good day between several that were like this:

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I do have an electric washer........and it works great on that ugly sticker scoundrel
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