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I was asked this question in a private message, but I feel that it is best discussed in an open forum:
"How durable is the ace 570? I'm getting ready to buy 2 for me and my wife and I'm interested in the ace model, how is it in tight turns?"

I'll start off the discussion with my own answers, but others please feel free to add your perspective.
I can't speak directly regarding the 570, because I don't own one.
However, the chassis is nearly identical to the 325 so I believe in terms of durability and maneuverability, they are the same.

First, I should say that every product line from every manufacturer is going to have a few that have issues. Some of those issues will be actual manufacturing defects, and some will be people who abused the machine and didn't own their mistakes. You may find some of those issues posted in this forum. It's the way these things go. But I believe that the design and build of this machine is sound.

I have owned my 325 since February, and have put over 1000 miles on it.
I've driven it on 4x4 jeep trails with huge boulders and deep ruts and tree roots.
I've driven it on desert dirt roads packed with softball-sized rocks.
I've driven it at the Paiute ATV trail system, heavily overloaded and making severe altitude changes.
I've driven it on countless miles of gravel roads and a bit of sand, too.
I tend to ride hard and fast, asking more of the machine than many people.

The ACE has stood up well to my demanding riding style.
My issues thus far have consisted of a torn CV boot and bent front lower control arms.

In my opinion, if the ACE has a major weak point, it is the front lower control arms. They're low to the ground, and they're thin. It doesn't take much to bend one, and then your steering is messed up.
I have needed to re-adjust my tie rod ends a few times to compensate for changed front end geometry after smacking the control arms on rocks.
HighLifter makes a set of raised control arms for $260 that should help with this problem.

Regarding maneuverability:
The ACE maneuvers just about as well as you'd expect: Not as good as an ATV, but better than a RZR.
The wheel base being about halfway in between means the turning radius cannot ever be as good as an ATV, but you will fit places that a 50" RZR or Wildcat will never be able to go.

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we have both the 570 (mine)and the 325 (wife's)
there is no difference in the chassis between the two
the major difference is the motor 32 hp vs 45 hp . and that difference is huge ...not just for rated HP but useable torque is much better with the 570
and the 570 has a 200 watt higher capacity alternator than the 325 which will matter to some and not so much to others
as far as handling and maneuverability go .....
They are very similar to a two up touring atv in physical size and length
they go down very narrow trails with ease .
the major advantage for the wife has been it is so much easier to drive/ride vs an atv you sit on rather than in .
she has never driven an atv until when we got her lil ace . after the very first ride she attacks the trails confidently like a pro in the ace with out fear .
The little buggers are like mini jeeps .
I'll never go back to a conventional atv again.
maint so far looks to be on par with every other polaris out there ......................and it's easier to work on than my sportsman 500 I traded in.

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I have had an Ace since March of this year. The last three months I have ridden it with a cast on my left leg. During that time I have driven a RZR 570 and a RZR 900 XC. I had a much easier time getting into the Ace than either of the RZRs. I was surprised that the Ace has more left leg room than either of these two RZRs. The driver's seat on the RZR is to the left side of the vehicle and the drivers left leg fits behind the fender well. It was tough for me to bend my leg with the cast on it and fit it into either of the RZRs. On the Ace, the driver sits in the center and there is more left leg room.

Because of the shorter wheel base than either of the RZRs, I could go over humps or hogbacks that the RZRs would hit high center. Of course, the shorter wheel base makes it a rougher ride in my opinion.

On the Ace, the radiator is much closer to the firewall than on the RZR. The radiator transmits heat into the cab and I had to insulate the firewall to ride in the Texas heat.

I have one trail that is in the bottom of a ravine with a very uneven, rocky bottom with lots of trees. When you are riding this trail, the OHV will tilt up to 15-20 degrees sideways as the wheels grip the side of the ravine. The top of the Ace is narrow since it was designed for a single passenger. I have wide tires and spacers and my rear tires are 58" wide. The RZR 900 is only 55" wide but the top is also about 55" wide. When the RZR would tilt sideways the top would hit the trees resulting in broken plastic on the top. Tight trails with uneven terrain are much better in the Ace.

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I think durability is on par with any other polaris and each model has its own quirks.
Maneuverability is pretty good and works well on the tight rocky trails here in the PNW. The longer wheelbase makes it more stable on the steep stuff. You have to be more aware of the line you want to take when in the tight turns but it works well once you get the feel of it.
The Ace is a very capable machine with just about anything you want to throw at it and is priced pretty reasonable as well.
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