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Ace for sale

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It's time to sell the Ace , we purchased it so we can make cage and door jigs, now all of that is done so it for sale.

Title in hand , 6.4 hours , Ext Warranty, Toys For Big Boy cage , Doors, 20" double row LED light bar , Safeglo whip and quick disconnect, HD rims with 26" Bighorns, PRP 5 Point Seat Belt, Billet green sticker mount, I have a Twisted Stitch vortex seat coming for it ,and it also has a Yoshimura exhaust. Ace will come with the stock wheels/tires and stock exhaust system. $10,900 obo 951-966-7643 or [email protected]

I can help find shipping if needed. View attachment 1135 View attachment 1136
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That's one awesome looking ACE! Good luck with the sale.
Hi Kevan, did you make any door jigs for an ACE with Polaris nerf bars? If you did I will order a set from you.
Won't you be needing it for reference when handling tech support questions for customers doing installations?
Fill free to make me a FAIR offer , you never know I might say yes. call or text 951-966-7643 that would be the fast way to contact me.
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