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Ace in Glamis

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I took the ace to Glamis for Easter weekend,all I can say is this thing was a blast to drive in the dunes ! I drove from Gecko Road (pad2)to Olds Hill ,if you never been to Glamis is a fun ride and some very big dunes ,I'm not bragging but you have to be a skilled driver to maneuver the Ace thru some of the big dunes . I lead 3 xp 1000 and a xp900 2 times and everyone was very impressed . I also drove to Brawley Slide another big hill in Glamis . It will not make it up some of the bigger dune with out a running start and you have pick you lines so you will not get stuck , I did get stuck one time .
I was expecting the Ace to be a rough riding machine and to my surprise it had a very smooth ride for such a short wheel base .
In my opinion the Ace is not a machine for big dunes (needs more power) but it's a great machine for the smaller dunes ,trails and woods . So it was money well spent for me . If your on the fence and you don't ride in super big sand dunes go for it. View attachment 831
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Outstanding review looks like you had a great time! Your ACE looks great!!
That's great to hear! I was wondering how it would do in the sand. I would image that some light weight paddle tires and it would really do well :)
Do you plan on making a door that will fit an ace with polaris nerf bars? If you do I will order a set.
It's a fun machine .Your doors and cage came out great Kevin .
I agree, the ACE is super fun at the dunes! Little Sahara is NO Glamis, but my ACE made it up every dune some experience needed but a good time. Friends RZR 800S couldn't keep up with the ACE in the trails.
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