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Ace issues

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I've had my ace for two months and have had some issues with it already and it started at 80 miles. The first thing was the service engine soon light came on it was the speed sensor. I read online how to reset that and it fixed that. Now at 140 miles whenever I let off the gas to slow down it has a horrible squeal coming from the belt region. My dealer is little to no help being it's the only one they've sold. They just tell me to ride it until something gets worse. It's really starting to worry me all the issues that are rising
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I sincerely hope that your issues are all resolved. It is tough to buy a new toy and have these types of problems. Because the Ace is a new machine, I violated one of my cardinal rules and bought a 4 year extended warranty. Normally, I don't buy any type of extended warranty. It starts after the Polaris 6 month warranty expires so I will have coverage for 4 1/2 years. I hope that I do not have trouble getting it repaired under the warranty if I do have problems. Because of the warranty, I plan to have the dealer do all my service for a while. I want to minimize the chance for excuses in case of a problem.
Yeah I am considering the the five year extended warranty I'm waiting until the end of the 6 months so I get 5 1/2 years if I get it. But a $1000 plus $60 deductable is it worth it to me. I'm just not sure about it but other then the issues I love my ace
Easttnace, I would recommend that you check with another dealer. My dealer initially offered me a 5 year warranty for $900. It was actually only 4.5 years because of the 6 month Polaris warranty. I declined because I thought it was too expensive. The dealer said they were negotiating with another warranty provider. The called me about a month after I bought the Ace and I got a 4 year warranty with no deductible for $500. It starts after the Polaris warranty expires so I have 4.5 years of coverage. I had another dealer offer me a 4 year warranty for $500 also. With my warranty, there was a penalty if you did not buy it within 90 days after purchase. You do not have to buy the warranty from the dealer from which you purchased the Ace. The extended warranty that I bought covers everything that the Polaris 6 month warranty covers.
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