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It did great on the river!! Over 2 days we went about 90 miles. One thing that did happen on the 2nd day is when I was busting the river hard a few times it would stall out. Would always start and run and maybe even go a little, but then would always stall. Air box was dry and none of the water was ever real deep. None of the atvs or rzr's had any problems, but my first river trip on it and I may have been a little more crazy than the rest. After about 20 minutes it was running fine and there weren't any problems again. I did have a few rzr owners ask me to let them know if I found out what the deal was with that. Ive always rode Honda Ranchers, so Im not used to problems like this. If anyone knows that? Than would be helpful. I didn't get any real shots of the Ace. The last photo of the guy stuck in the atv. A rzr and my Ace went right through that no problem. Thats why he followed me but he didnt make it...
One pic of the stuck rzr was us just being nice pulling it out. The owner was no where to be found. Im sure he was happy when ever it was he came back though!


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