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Hi all,
I am located in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. I have both and ACE 500 2018 and an ACE 325 2014. The 325 I picked up for parts with a dead engine from an oil seal leak. With the prices of new today, and the isolation I live in, I decided to rebuild the 325 from the ground up.
The 500 recently had an oil seal leak, the same fate as the 325 I suspect. Both need complete engine rebuilds. The 325 was left exposed in the elements for a few years, with the engine left open......:rolleyes:. A real mess.

Most of the parts between these two machines are the same with a few differences, the biggest being the engine of course. I have striped the 325 down to the frame and put the front end back as it was still in great condition.

The 500 is my daily driver, with mileage over 45,000 kms! We have rough coral road here which are not forgiving. Particularly to air filters, wheel bearings and Uni Joints. I thought this might be of interest to some even though my road conditions are extreme. I had previously posted regarding air filter issues, setting off the check engine light and dropping RPM's, ended up being caked coral dust on the filter which some after market intake covers solved.

Good mechanics here are hard to come by so I decided if I was to maintain these rides properly, I really needed to know them inside and out. Thanks for reading. I will do some photos on the builds.
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