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Put about a hundred miles on Ace couple weeks back, was really great, three days. Three 35-40 mile rides. Then, things kind of fell apart recently, found myself with a little time. Found polaris ace winch for 188 shipped on amz, got that and put it on,directions lacking and for XC, youtube misleading...basic technique is remove front fascia, after battery dc. Then lower fascia, then wiring through cargo box, which does not need removed. Wire winch to battery, not acc box. Ask me how I know. I had a dual battery setup on my 570rzr, i intend to add battery to ace but not sure where to put it. Next item, fan override kit for when lady rides it...

That said I’d probably go aftermarket my black ops edition winch seemed nicer to me, but we will see. I love how the polaris fits perfectly on the Ace, I know that.

anyone else wrenchin on their Ace?
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