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Bought my Ace a month ago, love it!

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So I was going to buy an Ace about three months ago when I first heard about them. I called the dealer and he said they hadn't gotten them yet, but the had two on order. So I waited a month and called back, wouldn't you know it, he said that one already sold, but was sure the other one was on the lot. I told him I'd be there in the morning to look at it, before the day ended I got the disappointing news that the last one they had in stock had sold a few days before. So the salesman said they had another one on order and would be delivered in a few weeks. I could wait, I told him that the moment it came in to call me, I wanted it. A few weeks later I got the call, and I've loved it ever since it was uncrated, which was about a month ago. This is one sweet ride!
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