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Break-in fluid change

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Before yesterday's ride we decided to change the fluids in my new Ace. I believe the manual says you should change the engine oil after 25 hours and check the others. Mine had 8.2 hours on it. The oil was already pretty dark and a lot of metal flecks in it. The transmission fluid was changed too. That one looked like it needed it already as well. Just a head's up that it could be on the safe side to change the fluids a little earlier than recommended. Mine will get it again at 25 hours. Used Amsoil products for the fluid changes.
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Metal flakes in the 1st oil change is normal, and happens with all vehicles. As long as the flakes are small.
Yeah, it was just surprising to see how many there were after a short period of time.
I took mine in yesterday for the 25 hour service. I didn't ask what my oil looked like, I should have and will call them in the AM. They changed the oil, greased the little jiggies on frame (haha, don't know what they're called, I'm a girl!), checked the front end differential fluid and replaced my old air filter with a beautiful new glistening $40 air filter! wow, Im going to have to find an aftermarket filter as often as I'll need to change it because of all the dust. But just to give you an idea of what it cost, I paid $176 for the parts and 1.5 hours of maintenance. :rm_thumbdown: I did manage to sweet talk the counter guy and get 10% off of everything, but dang...I was hoping the first service would be free!
$40 air filter?? Mine were $25/ea from my dealer.

Here's a Polaris Service Kit:
Complete Service Kit Polaris 2014 Sportsman Ace | eBay
So you see, if you have done it yourself using "Pure Polaris" stuff you would have paid nearly as much.

Polaris wants a crapload of money for their fluids. I've been using Mobil 1 oil in my RZR and some stuff from Amsoil for the other fluids because it was about half the cost.
I haven't checked to see which Amsoil products I need for the ACE yet.
I'll use Polaris stuff during my warranty period, but after that, it's back to Amsoil and Mobil 1.
Amsoil does have every fluid needed for the Ace. That's what I used. I don't believe they can deny a warranty claim for using a proper replacement fluid instead of paying for their overpriced stuff.
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Polaris is known for using any excuse sometimes.

So you supplied your own parts and still paid $176 for the first service? That sounds a bit steep.
No, they supplied all the parts..I will do it myself from this point on, just wanted them to check it over real good after the break in period.
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