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So, do you think Polaris will add color to the Ace when they debut the next years models in August? I had planned purchasing a RZR, glad I waited. The Mrs is an avid rider (Mcy) and at the price point, we can get two Ace's for the price of one RZR. I'm just not a fan of white and don't want to wrap or repaint a new vehicle.
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I am guessing they will and maybe even an LE edition this will be Polaris's 60th anniversary year and they usually bring out some pretty cool combos and new stuff. I worked at a dealership when they had their 50th anniversary and they did not disappoint then so I'm guessing they won't on the 60th!
It would be silly of them not to, and based on the variations available in other product lines, I think they know their market well enough to know that.
This is just the intro for the ACE, so they're keeping it simple for starters.
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