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Custom ace exhaust

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Built custom exhaust for my ace. Here's some pics and video.

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Thank you. It's nice to see one just for the ace.
I saw an HMF Swamp series exhaust for the Ace on Ebay, they have both a slip-on and full system available. Looks pretty cool but, even the slip-on was over $500!!! I think soon many aftermarket companies will start making performance products for the Ace and maybe the prices will come down a little....
Mine cost 25 bucks
Does yours have a spark arrester? Does it exceed 100 decibels?
Basically, can you still use your ACE in places that care about such things?

A few years ago I was at the dunes and there was this one ATV that was SO loud, I had to discontinue the conversation I was having until he went away - and he was a good 200 feet away! Pissed me off.
Oh it's probably more than 100 but I do have a spark arrestir and it quiets it down some.
Yeah, typically it's tough to gain much more power from Polaris exhaust systems. You can get better sounding exhaust tone, but if it's too loud others don't like it and by the end of a long day of riding you probably won't either, it can be very tiring... I had a Bikeman exhaust on one of my RZRs but, it was too loud! I now have an FMF Powercore 4 (with the Spark Arrestor) on and it's much quieter and sounds better than stock.
People hate me everything I have is too loud. But that's my personal preference and I'm usually at the dunes so people don't care as much
I hear ya, I like the sound of a healthy motor as well!! When people complain about loud off-road machines weather for racing or trail riding I have to wonder how they feel about all of the super loud cars, trucks, buses, air planes and motorcycles (mostly Harleys) on the road every day? There is some truth in loud pipes save lives, on and off road, if you hear me you will look for me!! However for our sport the PC thing is not too loud.....
Well, I hope we don't have to duplicate the old sound debate here on this forum as well, but here is my personal opinion/preference on the subject:

I don't like the loud exhaust because it makes me want to beat someone over the head with a stick.
I generally don't like the feeling of wanting to visit physical violence upon anyone, so I prefer to stay away from people with loud pipes.
Few things are as quick to anger me as a dude with super loud pipes in my vicinity, especially if he's wearing earplugs (I can usually tell because he's usually not wearing a helmet).
This tends to go hand in hand with dudes spraying rocks from their back tires all over the paint job of my $60k truck.
It's usually the same sort of person that enjoys loud pipes and pulling donuts in the parking area.

Also, loud pipes are one of the things that anti-ORV people use as leverage to try and shut us down.
That might not be a big deal on the dunes, but people with loud pipes don't just stay on the dunes, do they?
They also visit ORV parks near hiking trails, and public lands near where people are trying to have a quiet lunch on their back deck with their cats.

Anyway, that's my two bits worth. Shutting up now.
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If it's too loud your too old.
Well, there's no arguing that I'm too old, that's true.
I can still remember when we could ride ATVs all over the countryside without being hassled by cops or having areas shut down by people who lived nearby and didn't like the noise.
When you get as old as me, maybe you'll remember when you still had a place to ride at all.
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Everywhere around me got closed down. Not from noise from ignorant people not taking care of the land and littering.
Let me clarify, I don't like loud either! However I enjoy the sound of a healthy running engine, most stock exhausts sound stuffed up. A good sounding exhaust that gains a little power and is a few decibels over stock should be OK, IMHO
I have the full front and rear wind screens and I feel the stock Ace exhaust is LOUD!...might be the enclosure that reverberates the sound.
BTW: i have an '88 89 inch stroker Sportser, a ST1300 with TwoBrothers cans and a Ducati Diavel with an open Arrow exhaust.

Did the OP change the air filter? Retune?....he very well may have picked up a horse or two with a GOOD exhaust mod....could also lose some from what little low end there is on such a high strung motor.
Havnt driven it more than once up and down the back yard. Waiting for my afr gauge to show up today so I can start tuning. Got the power commander hooked up last night.
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Lookin' forward to more info....be real cool if it was dynoed.
I know some people with a dyno but I doubt I'll throw it on there till the turbo is done. Otherwise just seems like a waste
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