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Finally joined a forum. I have a dilemma and need help with info. I am wanting to use tuning software and hardware to modify our machines without buying tuning services/proprietary hardware or locking a tuner to our machines. I have a 900xc and 900sp ecm/ecu's and xc factory harness as well as Kess and Ktag on the bench.
As we all know, the factory service manual for the 900sp is very vague in the electrical diagram/schematic/pinout dept. It's sickening how much polaris asks for their vague version of a service manual. All they are doing is boosting dealer trips and the aftermarket business. Hence why I will not even look for or purchase an xc manual.
The ME17.9.74 ecm is used by several factory models. Larger tuning services send you a device to ID your machine and they send you a modified file to flash with their device. Sometimes its a different device that you had to use to read your machine! This is all ludicrous!
Polaris only gives you only 40 of the 112 pins that are available to the ecu to keep us from reverse engineering. Tuner companies don't tell us anything they have learned on the bench for the same reason.
My daughter and I have three 2016 polaris's and absolutely love them. We all on here and around the world have purchased these machines to do what we want and should have full control of every aspect of them as owners.
What I am asking for is full schematics, pinouts or diagrams that everyone has at their disposal for a 900sp a or 900xc. These two models do have different pinouts between the 2. Power and ground differences are evident, as well as the CAN Hi and Lo. This shouldn't be proprietary evidence to push aftermarket or service sales.
Any and all info will be very appreciated and as I make discoveries or advances with all hardware or software from this point it will be shared for all!
Thanks to all

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