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Engine light

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Anyone else engine light come on for a bit then off?
Happened to me today after I towed my ski

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I have 29 hours and no engine light yet. I have not towed anything yet either.
Ok, keeping an eye on it. Do far nothing came back on. Strange

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nuthin' and i've been haulin' firewood since day one.
Yes. Riding last weekend and the engine light came on once for about 4 seconds then went off and did not come back on. I hope this is just a "break in" glitch. I will be watching it very carefully on my next ride.
I had this problem a few weekends ago. It came on for a few seconds then off, it did this a few times. Took it out last weekend and I didn't notice any problems. The day I noticed it it had been idling a lot and I was driving very slow a lot. This past weekend when it did not do it I had been idling A LOT and no light. I haven't pulled anything with mine either.
It's the speed sensor. Very common problem with ace. Tends to happen more in low range.
yes i have had my speed sensor replaced, and it has come on a few times since.
I have had the check engine light come on 3 times in 12 miles, and I believe the code was 0-82-4, or something to that effect. As everyone has said, it is the speed sensor, and the only time it does it for me is in "L" range when I have been switching from "R" to "L" several times, when traveling slowly towing a small trailer of firewood up and down my hills. After panicking the first time, reading this forum and the RZR forums finding they have experienced the same probs, including changing the sensor, yet it still comes back, I have continued to run it. I didn't shut the machine off the last time it came on, and found that once I got up to a faster speed without shifting from forward to reverse so much, the light went out and no codes were showing anymore. When it comes on and stays on, I'll probably go back to the dealer for help.
Why would a speed sensor cause the engine light to come on?
Same reason a loose gas cap does on a car.
"Somethin's broke!"
LOL, great answer! At least the engine computer does think something is broke.

For more simple information about VSS (vehicle speed sensors) and their functions, you can read this: Vehicle Speed Sensor Description & Related Information
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