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Today I installed a set of Factory UTV A-arm guards on my ACE, to try and salvage my poor, beat up A-arms.
You can see in these pictures how badly my front A-arms get trashed when I hit them on rocks and stuff.
I'm getting tired of re-adjusting my steering and toe-in after every hard ride.
The tiny little guard that Polaris includes with the ACE might deflect things from the CV boot, but it does no good for your A-arms at all.
Don't let the curved edge fool you, that thing is 1/8" thick, and brittle.

View attachment 2219 View attachment 2220 View attachment 2221

These A-arm guards are a lot cheaper for the set of 4 than the Polaris ones, and they're super easy to install.
For the front, I attached two of the brackets loosely while the guard hung down, then swung it up, installed the 3rd bracket loosely, shifted it toward the center of the vehicle, and tightened everything up.
Note how the bolt heads disappear into the countersunk holes when tightened, so the bolt heads won't get caught on obstacles.

View attachment 2222 View attachment 2223 View attachment 2224

The rear is pretty simple to install too. It just uses straight bolts through existing holes, no brackets needed. I wished the outermost bolt was about 1/4 longer, would have made installation a lot easier.
The guard did not exactly follow the contour of the A-arm so there was a gap disappeared when the bolt was tightened, but made it a little tricky to get started, especially because the place where the nut goes is kind of deep and hard to reach. But, if you install that one loosely first, letting the A-arm hang a little, then it gets easier, an the other two are a snap.

You can see in the pictures that my rear A-arm has taken a LOT of abuse, but because it is a heavier piece, it has only lost its paint, rather than being dented and bent like the front.
The rear seems less critical to me, but the price for the set of 4 makes it worth doing anyway.

View attachment 2225 View attachment 2226 View attachment 2227 View attachment 2228

I've had this product, and the full body skid plate, on my RZR for several years, and despite hitting a LOT of boulders, I have not taken any more damage to me A-arms since installing the kit.
I highly recommend this product, as well as their full skid plate kit including the A-arm guards and the full body plates. If I had not already obtained a center plate kit before Factory UTV's was available, I would have bought that from them as well.

The company is also great to work with. Bob is very responsive to PMs (They're not a Supporting Vendor here on ACEForums but you can find them on RZRForums), they're easy to reach by telephone, and they're happy to help out. I had a minor issue with the mounting hardware when I first bought my RZR skid plate, and they sent me a new hardware kit, FAST. When I ordered this A-arm kit, I asked about a detail that Bev needed to check up on. She got the answer and called me back within minutes, and the order was out the door that afternoon. Great customer service!

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