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Fender Flairs

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The front flairs did not fit as well as I had hoped. The rears fitted just fine.

You need a 21/64ths drill bit to install (I was lucky I had one).

They cover up some of the nice graphics.

I like them, as they help with the dust etc. from the wide tires.
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Do you ever worry about the heavy weight of your tires? I have stock size rip saws and sometimes I can't sleep at night because they are so heavy. I will say they perform great!
Not really. They are heavy but it does not seem to slow you down much and since I ride mostly on trails that are rough and crooked, I hardly miss the horsepower they are bound to use. I like the grip, the stability of the wider stance and the look of them. It is arguable if they are quicker than stock on the tight turns and twists. They provide more stability so you can go a bit quicker and more grab out of the hole but heavier so a bit slower on acceleration once they grab. They also make the ride a bit rougher. I do not know what the "right" answer is but I do like my configuration quite a bit. I have a new Ranger 570. It would be nice to have that motor in the ACE then perhaps it would be the perfect machine. (apart from the air-conditioning and cruise control :) )
I'd love to do fender flares.
But I fear they would get torn right off of the vehicle, with the narrow trails around here.
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was thinking the same thing....i'm thinking of trying to add some kind of mud flaps.
Do the fender flares come with the decals?
The decals were already on the flairs when I got them. All I did was install (something that needs to be done very carefully). Funny the instructions said. "Read these instructions twice..." :)
Hey Greybeard, nice pictures. I like the looks of the flairs. Can you add more to your comment about the front flairs not fitting as well as you had hoped?
If you will notice there is a crease built into both the front and rear fenders. This crease is exactly where the flairs fit. It works perfectly on the rear fenders but on the front fenders, the flair fits the crease except in the very front. It leaves the crease (which at this point is pointed sharply down, and points more forward. I am attaching a photo that I messed with a bit to try to show what I mean. If you look the arrow, you can see the flair is in the crease to the right but to the left, the flair takes off at a shallower angle. The crease being more vertical. It is sort of confusing when you are first getting started but you see quickly that it is on purpose. I suppose to get another inch or so coverage. Hope this makes sense.
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Thanks Greybeard, this answers my question. When I decide on my tires, I will probably order the flairs since I know first hand the dust the wider tires kick up (and I suspect mud as well) without the flairs installed.
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Flares helped but the 60 inch stance does throw the mud but I chose the stability over mud baths. Factory stance of 48 inches makes the ace tipsy on the trails of KY.
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