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Headed out to the sands of Dumont dunes this Christmas eve though Sunday.
Had to test out the sand paddles and really see how it would do in the sand after the break in period and test how well I would be able to keep up on the dune runs.
We added the Pro Armor 5 point harness, Tribal Whip lighted flag, Tusk trunk bag from a RZR 800 (fit perfectly), 50 Caliber Bead Lock wheels, 25 in 7 paddle Scat Tracks in the rear and Doonz in the front. We also added 2 inch wheel spacers to widen it to just about 60 inches.
She screamed through the sand! I was a bit concerned about how much fun the Ace would be over my Raptor 700. It has just gotten a bit too difficult to ride my Raptor with a knee injury. But the fun factor on the Ace was awesome! I was able keep up through the dunes with the 1K's and not be left behind wondering where everyone went. I even launched it off a transition all four wheels, landed it and it just kept going. My other half even got a "wee~wheelie" out of it! Before we put the wheel spacers in, it was a pretty rough ride, going over whoops and steep transitions from dune to flat ground, but it was much better after the spacers. Suspension would have to be my only complaint.

I put 268 miles on this trip alone! And together he and I went through 55 gallons of fuel!!

Ran into another member of the forum, Ted out at the North Pole of Dumont. That was pretty cool meeting up and seeing another Ace in the dunes!

Some of the pics from my weekend...

10885365_657314787713226_544119448140057239_n.jpg 10429338_655350964576275_9145171184068824666_n.jpg 10898047_10205629368482697_7610834613470876425_n.jpg DSCN8451.JPG DSCN8368.JPG Running with the Big Boys.jpg DSCN8293.JPG DSCN8295.JPG DSCN8308.JPG DSCN8314.JPG DSCN8444.JPG DSCN8446.JPG DSCN8450.JPG DSCN8457.JPG
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