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Wow what a blast. Just took the ACE out for some winter fun (night ride). It's been snowing here since Saturday night (schools closed, etc), plenty of Lake Effect off Lake Michigan. Anyway, still a blizzard with 2 degree windchill with 1/4 mile or less visibility. Took the ACE down some drifted backroads and some fields. In 2wd the thing did pretty well but as expected the rear end was all over the place. It was the 1st time I felt comfortable doing a donut (roads are shear ice). Then started hitting the deep snow 2' plus. 4wd became mandatory and I thought I was indeed going to get stuck because I was pushing snow with my front end but the Ace just kept going and only had to back up once (to hit it with more speed). The handling was a little loose especially when I went back over my initial tracks but it made for a lot of fun. Had the go pro on but I guess it was too cold for the stupid thing (kept flashing). Engine temp stayed at about 145. I stayed pretty warm overall, I love how you sit into the ACE the fenders protect from the wind as much or more then a snowmobile. Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Car
Vehicle All-terrain vehicle Motor vehicle Auto part Tire
Vehicle Car Steering wheel Steering part Wheel
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