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What a day ! Lots to talk about but lets first look at the specs for this neat machine .

Key Features

Powerful 32 HP ProStar engine featuring dual overhead camshafts, a 4 valve cylinder head and electronic fuel injection (EFI) delivers excellent performance and fuel economy

Innovative, unique cab design offers a whole new off-road experience

Confident & Secure

On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive
Automatic transmission
Unique cab design
3-Point seatbelt
Easy attach side nets
Certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) cab frame
Assured stopping power with four-wheel/ four-disc braking system

Comfortable & Convenient

Bucket seat with 4" of adjustability
Easy ingress and egress with flat floor plan
Steering wheel offers 3.5" of adjustability for rider comfort
360 lb combined rack and storage capacity
1,500 lb towing capacity and high / low range transmission
Powerful 50 watt halogen lighting with high and low beams
Front rack opens to 2.8 gallons of semi-dry storage
Convenient access panel in cargo area opens to engine compartment for easy maintenance
Integrated foot rest

Easy To Ride

Independent dual a-arm rear suspension with 9.5" of suspension travel
MacPherson strut front suspension offers 8.2" of independent suspension travel
5.25 gallon fuel tank
Rider centric design

Compact & Nimble

Low-center of gravity for stable and responsive ride
10.25" ground clearance
32 HP ProStar Engine with Dual Overhead Cams and a 4 valve cylinder head
Lightweight Transmission for Efficient Power Transfer
Trail Compliant 48" Width
61.5" Wheelbase

2014 Sportsman Ace Specifications:


Engine Type: 4-Stroke DOHC Single Cylinder
Displacement: 327cc
Horsepower: 32HP
Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection
Cooling: Liquid


Transmission/Final Drive: Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H; Shaft
Drive System: On-Demand True AWD/2WD
Engine Braking System: N/A
Active Descent Control: N/A


Front Suspension: MacPherson Strut With 8.2" (20.8 cm) Travel
Rear Suspension: Dual A-Arm, Anti-Sway Bar 9.5" (24 cm) Travel


Front/Rear Brakes: 4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Dual-Bore Front Calipers
Parking Brake: Park in Transmission

Tires & Wheels

Front Tires: 25 x 8-12; 489
Rear Tires: 25 x 10-12; 489
Wheels: Stamped Steel

Dimensions & Capacities

Wheelbase: 61.5 inches
Dry Weight: 835 lb
Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H): 90" x 48" x 68"
Ground Clearance: 10.25"
Seat Height: N/A
Fuel Capacity: 5.25 gallons
Front/Rear Rack or Box Capacity: 120 lb (55 kg)/240 lb (110 kg)
Payload Capacity: 575 lbs (261 kg)
Hitch Towing Rating: 1,500 lb
Hitch/Type: Standard/1.25" Receiver


Cargo System: Lock & Ride
Lighting: Halogen, 55W low/ 60W high
Electronic Power Steering: N/A
Instrumentation: Digital Gauge, Analog Speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Tripmeter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, AWD Indicator, Hi-Temp/Low-Batt Lights, DC Outlet

Custom Package Options For Your Ultimate Riding Experience

Ultimate Trail Comfort

You will never want to step out of your machine with these Polaris® Engineered comfort-focused accessories. Cab-like components shield you from the elements while audio and mirrors give your ride a fun, premium feel.

2879703 MTX® Overhead Audio Pod - $599.99
2879694 Lock & Ride® Mid Poly Windshield - $129.99
2879704 OGIO® Lock & Ride® 3-Piece Deluxe Cargo Bag 2879691 Lock & Ride® Poly Sport Roof - $229.99
2879705 Trail Bag - $69.99
2879708 Polaris® HD 2500 LB. Winch - $399.99
*SPORTSMAN ACETM Sport Doors *SPORTSMAN ACETM Sport Doors will be available March 2014

Ultimate Storage

Create the perfect storage combination with a full line of accessories for you to stow away all of your personal belongings whether you are riding for a few hours or taking a weekend trip.

2879691 Lock & Ride® Poly Sport Roof - $199.99
2879698 Extreme Front Brushguard - $229.99
2879699 Extreme Rear Brushguard - $149.99
2879705 Trail Bag - $69.99
2879704 OGIO® Lock & Ride® 3-Piece Deluxe Cargo Bag - $229.99
2879706 Overhead Storage Bag - $59.99
2879708 Polaris® HD 2500 LB. Winch - $399.99
2879712 Rear View Mirror - $59.99

Ultimate Protection

Ride as hard as you want, wherever you want and still keep your machine safe from off-rad hazards with Polaris’ Engineered protection accessories.

2879698 Extreme Front Brushguard - $229.99
2879699 Extreme Rear Brushguard - $149.99
2879696 Lock & Ride® Poly Rear Panel - $179.99
2879691 Lock & Ride® Poly Sport Roof - $199.99
2879693 Lock & Ride® Full Poly Windshield - $279.99
2879870 UHMW Front A-Arm Guards - $149.99
2879710 UHMW Trailing Arm Guards - $149.99
2879700 SPORTSMAN ACETM Nerf Bars - $199.99


2879709 Polaris® HD 3500 Lb. Winch - $529.99
2879630 Glacier Pro® Plow Frame - $249.99
2880056 Trailerable Cover - $219.99
2879787 11” LED Light Bar - $599.99

Next some Pictures of it .................

Ok before we get into the videos I have to say it was a strange feeling driving a single seat Machine ,That feeling went away quick ,It was great being able to see what was going on ,on both sides of the machine ,I could easily see both front wheels at a glance .

Next came the wide open run to the sand ,She hit 49mph at 7400 RPM's on the flat hard pack dirt road .Speed is not what this machine was design for .But it can keep up with a group of RZR's all day long .

Just as every new Polaris I have ever driven she needs some shock tuning .With that short wheel base she would hop a little in the desert whoops .But where this little machine really surprised me was in her climbing ability .She went up sand hills that 800's could not climb ! Once again that's not what she was designed for ,But I wanted to see if my wife was driving behind me would she be able to keep up .She would on all but the 400 + high sand hills we have out here . And she did it so smoothly it was amazing ,You will see that in some of the videos to follow .

I caught up with 2 good friends in the desert ,They also took turns driving her ,You will hear their impressions in the videos to follow .If this ACE had been around 6 or seven years ago my children never would have owned or driven ATV's .This is a very stable machine for anyone to learn on . Its also a good ride for the wife's who want to come along on the trips without having to yell at you to slow down ...lol .

Ok time for the first group of videos from the side mounted Drift camera .There a lot more loading now .... Ask away its a fun ride .

More videos loading now ....

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Those tires make that look like a little tank! That sandy hill climb vid (I think there's actually two of them) did you punch it and climb in high or low. What did you think about the power in both gears?
Yea those tires are a little heavy for her ,1st climb was in High , second was in low ,Not a wheel spinning machine but she just keeps pulling smoothly all the way to the top .I have seen some 800's not make that hill ,And I was shocked the ACE did, but it puts all the HP to the ground and keeps climbing ....:)

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Great vids. I'm impressed. The videos made the hills look big. I'm sure in person they are bigger...they always are. Coming down that rock face had to be a pucker butt situation. LOL. Where you riding? Looks like a great place.

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Thanks for the great review on the Ace..JFK.. I have just about the same thoughts as yourself. Took the Ace out in the snow today and was impressed by the power and how well the Ace handled in the snow..Doing some sharp turns I never felt any body roll or any unstableness…I was impressed with the ride and was surprised how easy it turned.would I prefer EPS you bet I would! Would I prefer more horsepower you bet I would but I felt the same in my Rzr XP 900…never enough horses.. I let my Mary drive the Ace first and when she came back off the ranch road I asked her what she thought? She responded " I love it" my wife only loves PC and electronics! This is a great entry level machine and a great price and is a "Blast" to drive and had no trouble adapting to a single seat UTV! This is a winner ! And I believe the Ace will change the ATV market, for a wow funner, safer and will be great for all drivers from novice to entry level…Thank You Polaris…give me EPS,EBS and more Horsepower and I will pay for it!

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This if fantastic Frank! The videos really helped show the ACE's capabilities and the first impressions were priceless :D
I was really impressed ,this thing climbed anything i aimed her at ,in the video below my 1000 would almost stand straight up with wheels spinning .the little ACE climbed right up no wheel spin no drama .

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