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This forum area is for individuals to sell items that they no longer want/need.
This is not a place for commercial vendors (or garage entrepreneurs) to sell their wares.

You do not need to be a Supporting Vendor to advertise your personal items here.
You do need to be a Supporting Vendor to sell items that you manufacture, purchase wholesale to re-sell, etc.
If you are a Supporting Vendor, you will have your own dedicated forum area for that, so please do not post it here.

If you are posting an item for sale here, please include:
  • A description of the item and its condition.
  • One or more clear photo(s) showing the entire item, and if relevant, close-ups of parts of it.
  • Your asking price.
  • Your geographical location.
  • What payment methods you will accept.
  • Whether you are willing to ship the item.
If you are reading this thread:
  • Reply to the thread if you require clarification about the item or the terms of the sale, or want to buy it.
  • Do not reply to say that a better price can be had elsewhere, or that the item is inferior in some way.
  • Please refrain from unnecessary conversation in a For-Sale thread which might detract from the seller's ability to get it sold.
If your item has been sold:
  • Please return here and edit your first post to indicate that the item has been sold, and also put a reply at the end of the thread indicating the same.

Basically, this area of the forum is for the sale and purchase of personal items between forum members.
It is not a place to discuss the relative merits and monetary values of one item vs. another, in one geographical location versus another.
Please keep in mind that different areas of the country (and world) have different economies, different costs of living, different salary ranges, and therefore pricing may vary from what you may think is appropriate in your area.

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