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Had to start over

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After putting a deposit down to hold the Ace that I found... I received a call today saying " oops, I didn't know it was already sold" ummm. Okay, I wasn't looking forward to buying this... NOT!

But I got busy , and was able to find 2 others. One in a crate, and one on the showroom floor at two different dealers. I'm buying the one that was $500 cheaper than the other dealer, and a whole lot nicer staff... (Long story on the price gougers)

I was much more impressed in person, than the pics and videos shown here. Even though there is some great pics and info, there is nothing better than sitting in one yourself. I love love this thing! Did not drive it because I was sold on this before walking in the dealership, but I did sit in it and check it out.. Very cool. Started it up on the showroom, and wow.. It was pretty quiet. The wife kept saying.. "This is very cool"

We are gonna have a blast with this. I need to go get ice off trailer, and will send some info when I can.

I'm also sending a pic I snapped at the first dealer, of an Ace without it's make up.. Lol. Will get pics, and more info when I get it, and get the time.


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Awesome!Look forward to updates from you!
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