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Harness for the Ace

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Maybe this was discussed and I missed it, but all the videos I see of the Ace, no one seems to have the harness. I don't think I would fee comfortable having the wife ride without it.
What do you think?

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Welcome to the forum!
I'm sure that as the ACE gets more popular, there will be plenty of discussions about harnesses, and supporting vendors will chime in about whether theirs fits the ACE.
For the time being, it seems like a lot of people are content with the seat belt, or as Polaris calls it, "three point harness".
Thanks "Scoundrel".
I neglected to say that my ace came with the Polaris four point harness, Special order from the dealer and something that a lot of riders are not aware of. I had to do it because the wife is one who refuses to wear three point harness, because it is uncomfortable on her neck. The padded four point makes her a happy camper.
Cool that Polairis offers a harness option. I hope they're not too spendy compared with aftermarket. I have a set of DFR harnesses in my RZR that look a lot like yours only black. I'm not sure I will put a harness in the ACE. I like the freedom of movement the seat belt gives me while still having SOME protection. I'm going to have faith that the few reported instances of the buckles breaking in RZR seat belts were just a fluke.
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