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Hatfield-McCoy Trails is the place to come in Southern West Virginia.

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If you want a great place to ride your ATV, Hatfield-McCoy Trails is the place to come. Many trails connect to West Virginia’s small “ATV friendly towns,” where visitors can grab a bite to eat and experience true Southern hospitality. These Friendly Towns once you unload, you don’t load again until you ready to leave. The cost is very reasonable.

Hundreds of miles of trails through the rich mountains of southern West Virginia create one of the best managed off-highway vehicle trail systems in the world! The award-winning Hatfield-McCoy Trails offer something for every skill level. If you do your research or talk to the local there are more “Outlaw” trails not on this trail systems in each town.

Trail Difficulty - all trails in the Hatfield-McCoy system are color-coded by degree of difficulty. The “Easiest,” or green rated trails, are generally wide and more level trails. These trails were mainly used by gas and logging companies in the past. The “More Difficult,”or blue rated trails, are generally more narrow, uneven trails, with some rocks and obstacles on the paths. The “Most Difficult,” or black rated trails, can be extremely steep, with larger rocks and more obstacles on the sometimes overgrown
paths. The “Extreme Difficult,” or black/red rated trails, combine the aspects of the “Most Difficult” trails, along with the stipulations that no riders under 18, no machines under 200cc’s, and no two-wheel drive machines are allowed. Single Track, or orange rated trails, are divided into “More Difficult” and “Most Difficult” and are for experienced riders only.

Check out Hatfield & McCoy ATV & UTV Trails - ATV Trail Riding Trails Heaven for more information.
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I've been riding WV for 15 years, been to Utah, Colorado, Tenn, Kentucky and some Virginia riding and they are all great but nothing is like WV. It can not be explained, you just have to come and try it for yourself. It's hard to explain how you can feel when you are actually welcome with your ATV or SxS.
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Spent this past weekend in wva. Stayed at big earls, rode little coal river and the new ivy branch. Ivy branch is great has some very technical black trails and black red. I had the Ace on three wheels a bunch of times

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Witch trails do you recomend, we are wanting to plan a trip up there sometime, can you do them in two days,three, and where did you start, Thanks
Started at little coal river, did it in a day, we camped at big earls which has direct access to little coal river. We were told by a WVA state trooper that you can ride the birm of the highway and go to Ivy Branch, it can also be done in a day. If you want to trailer to another system you could do 3 in 3 days

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Little coal river is pretty easy, ivy branch has some more technical stuff

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I would love to do that trip, is there a safe place to leave the truck and trailer anywhere there?
A couple of weeks ago we were out there. We got through 6 trail heads in 6 days. We left the truck and trailer in the parking lots. No issues with that. Great riding out there. Had a blast on the Ace!
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