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Hello from Atlanta GA

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For some reason I developed an interest in ATVs all of the sudden! I was interested in getting a UTV and I ran into an article about this new single seater ATV from Polaris and now I think I'm hooked on this cool machine. I was interested in something I could use around the farm, but this could add some pleasure to the mix. :wink-new:
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I have two Mules for working (wife to putter around in and mine to haul rock and brush etc.) and this ACE for the pure joy of it; it is a hoot to drive/ride. You can pull a little trailer with the ACE but it really is not a Utility vehicle. Every time I park the ace, (not many since it is just a few days old), I get off of it with a big dumb grin on my face.
Well I decided to get a Sportsman 570 EPS Pursuit Camo this time around. It's my first ATV ever and I like it so far. I'm still watching the Ace however to see where it goes. I enjoy reading all the posts about it and maybe in the future I might end up with one.
The 570 is a solid machine no doubt. I'm sure you could still find room for an ACE if you drove it and really liked it :)
4Nines, I never got a chance to ride one and that is probably why there isn't one sitting in my garage. :eek:)
Yeah riding one will change your mind completely :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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