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Hello From MN!

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I am originally from Southern CA, but moved to MN for work a few years ago and now I live in Polaris' backyard! (not literally) I'm relatively new to the powersports scene, but the addiction has a tight hold on me. I have a RZR 4 XP900 in the stable along with a 2002 Suzuki SV650, both of which are in perpetual project mode. They will both be undergoing a gradual "streetfighterization", which can be whitnessed on RZRforums.com and SVRider.com respectively, whenever I can find the time to document my very slow progress. I hope to be able to have an ACE project in the works in the near future as well.

Im more excited than most about this new vehicle and really hope that it lives up to the hype the press has seen fit to give it. I had a chance to take a spin in this little buggy and I think its awesome! It really cant be compared to anything else on the market. Its nice to be able to ride with someone, but you just can't beat ripping it up all by yourself and on your own terms! It will be amazing to see what Polaris can do with this new platform as the sport evolves and hopefully we can have many new riders join our ranks, now there is a safe and comfortable alternative to traditional ATVs, and a less expensive alternative to UTVs. Imagine what you could do with a wider track, better suspension, and more power!!!

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