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Here from Alberta

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My husband, Brian, and I live in a small town in Southern Alberta. We are very much into rough camping with the family and we all have some type of off-road machine. Brian and I each drive a RZR, our son has a quad, as does our daughter. Our 3 year old grandson loves riding in the RZR with his PaPa and for Christmas we got him a quad. Both of the kids are looking at getting some type of sxs within the next year, and wow, for the price the new ACE will definitely be looked at.

If neither of the kids buy one, Gramma and Grampa need to get one for the grand babies!
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Good to see Southern Alberta represented here. I grew up in Leavitt and currently reside in Idaho.
Welcome to the forum!

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mkolsen22. We spend a lot of time in Pole Haven, camping and riding, and I bet you spent time there being raised in Leavitt.
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