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If you could, would you do it differently....

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Hey so I'm looking at buying ace(just submitted application) and looking at add-ons and I was drawn to brush guard, winch, rims, tires and roof.

Question is, if you had to do it over, would you have done it different our for something instead of something else

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Seems like most Ace owners swap out the stock wheels and tires. I have not. Although not very stylish, the stock wheels are lighter than most aftermarket wheels. The Carlisle tires, as well, although not beefy, are also light. I'm shooting for performance so, keeping it light, particularly unsprung weight and rotating mass, is important to me. I did add a roof and windshields. I added a winch as well but opted for synthetic rope to save weight. I figured performance is meaningless if I'm stuck in the mud. :)
When I bought my Ace I went ahead and got the roof, half windshield, rear panel, winch switch that goes on the shifter, front and read brush guards right from the get go. I will purchase a winch elsewhere as I am not sold on Polaris winches and their pricing for them. I do however wish I would have purchased the over head trail bag and behind the seat trail bag. I am still contemplating the rear cargo box too, but there again after seeing one on another Ace today I am not completely sold on it, sure it looks cool but it's a little smaller than I thought it would be and only one side on it opens completely. Other than that I will be adding an aftermarket light bar,HID lights, tires and rims those are items that Polaris loses out to because of price point in my opinion. The nerf bars are pretty cool too another thing I am contemplating. The fender flares cover the stickers a little so I don't want to get those. The Polaris half doors and decals are cool as hell but way over priced. Just my thoughts and opinions hope this helps.
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Where did you get the winch switch to go on the shifter? Cost?
I bought the poly roof, front and rear brush guards and rear storage box when I initially bought the Ace. The brush guards are great tie down points and I like their looks. I just like the looks of the rear storage box. It could be more functional with a full width door. I am building a collection of tools like tire repair kits and 12 volt portable air compressor to keep in the storage box. I added an aftermarket windshield and rear dust shield. The front windshield is great for keeping dust off me. In my opinion, I probably wasted my money on the rear dust shield. It might be useful in cold weather but not in the East Texas heat. It does keep some dust off my back but with the front windshield the rear dust is not that bad. I added nerf bars when my dealer got some and I like them. They funnel briars and low limbs away from the rear fenders. The do reduce ground clearance a bit but that is not an issue for me on my trails. When I finish my rock climbing trail I may change my mind on those. I am considering full doors but I must reduce the cab heat before I get those. I have bought insulation and exhaust pipe wrap but have been too busy driving my Ace to install them. I did some night riding with friends this week and was surprised at how functional the lights are on the Ace. I plan to add some aftermarket lights to get a wider field of view at night. On tight turns with the factory lights you are turning into a dark blind spot.
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I agree on the tire and wheel weights, I installed 4 stock RZR LE front aluminum wheels (12x6) they only weight about 7.5 lbs. each, about 2 lbs. less than the stock steel ones and went with 25x8x12 tires all around for a total weight savings of about 12 - 15 lbs. off the drive line!! The Ace handles great and has a little more zing to it and looks good too!!!
I didn't do it but I wish I would look at Extreme Metal Product Front Brush Guard $299.99 before buying the Polaris Front Brush Guard $229.99, they have a different design which include a place for the winch higher up out of the mud, I like to ride in. Same company has a metal roof they sell.


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Where did you get the winch switch to go on the shifter? Cost?
At a Polaris dealer. Polaris part # 2877874. It was $50.
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