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It came, it saw... I got scared.

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So I finally took my "wifes" ace on a real ride... Sorta. I took it on some trails that I have only taken on a dirtbike. Got pretty hairy and had to back off.

The good:

Small enough to go a lot of place.
With radio you can't get bored.
Climbs rocky hills really well.

The bad:

HATES SAND! The place where I ride has some good his, and even a small very sandy hill stopped me in my tracks. Sorta sucked, but I can't wait to take this thing out to the mountains. I think that is where it will shine. Forest roads and such.

Other then that, it rocked.

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Awesome pics! It will do better in the sand with different tires on it.
Not MUCH better, mind you, needs a bigger engine for really hardcore sand stuff.
But with Maxxis BigHorns on, I got around fine on the dunes, pulled a sand rail out of a sticky spot, and climbed some fairly steep loose sandy rocky hills.
Yeah I will try those when the time comes but as of right now the tires I got the Ace with are getting replaced under warranty for them cracking all over the place.

How do the Maxxis BigHorns affect the speed and width?
Ouch, I heard of a few people having that cracking problem.

The BigHorns add a bit of weight, and that might drop a few MPH.
But it's well worth it for the added traction and toughness.
I've clocked mine at 49mph on a GPS on a level gravel road with aftermarket ITP wheels, and 25x8x12 BigHorns all around. Also with a rear window which adds drag.
Some guys said they got 52mph and 53mph, I think with stock tires and they might weigh a little less than me too.

If you use the same size as stock it does not add much width at all, if any.
I would even go so far as to suggest going with 25x8x12 all the way around.
The narrower tires in back will reduce your width a bit and also reduce how much mud is throws around.
But if you're not worried about width or mud, the stock size in rear is a bit better for traction.
Yeah we don't really get mud out here in NM. Heck it rained more 2 days ago in one day more than it has all year thus far. So, I am good with that.

I will check out those for sure.
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The trails look wonderful , wish I could try them with our 60 inch wide ace. Our ace will go everywhere our rzr will go. Top speed around 48.
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