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GNCC Racer Jesi Stracham was featured on the Today Show this morning. She’s had an incredible journey after being paralyzed in a street bike accident. Check out her story and return to the GNCC Race Circuit in a Polaris ACE!
Thanks to John Pellan at UTVScene.com, Racer Tech and all the incredible sponsors who have made this possible for Jesi!

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I feel bad for not sharing more about this project all along on the forum but we have been sharing it on our Facebook Page the whole time since it's so much easier for me to do on there. And ultimately, we got in this deal for Jesi. We knew we'd end up getting some great exposure from it but that stuff all comes later. We didn't do it for that. We did it to try paying it forward. Seeing Jesi out in this car and the smile on her face when she comes back is FAR more valuable than anything RT could ever gain from this project.

I've got a whole folder of pics from this build I'm about to release too and this will mark RT's official entrance in to the Ace market at the same time as we celebrate an opportunity to change a life. We've learned some great stuff with this car as far as racing it goes and the hand controls were a great new challenge for me and have even become an inspiration for me to branch out a little with the business in the near future.

To add a little to this story from the powesports industry's perspective and hopefully help explain where RT and a bunch of other great companies came in to play check out THIS STORY to see how Polaris actually started this whole thing.

To add to the story in the link above, the official video will be coming out this month. We will need EVERYONE to help Jesi by sharing the final video to get as many views as we can to help her win this Ace. Please stay tuned!

This girl is absolutely blowing up already and her fame is growing from this story but I think she's destined for even bigger things. Here's some more articles and videos of her to get you hearts fluttering even more! There is also a GoFundMe account someone setup to help her get some assistance in affording all the life changes she's needing to make while she's in a wheelchair and also to help afford all the rehabilitation her insurance isn't covering.

Charlotte-area woman's life-altering spine injury leads to romance and a new charity


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Such an awesome story! Here is more background for those who haven't heard:

One couple found love after they both suffered tragic accidents that left them paralyzed. Now they are supporting each other's efforts to walk again through revolutionary medical procedures. NBC's Kate Snow reports.

TODAY - Latest News, Video & Guests from the TODAY show on NBC

this past January, the 22-year-old was involved in a serious accident while riding on the back of a friend's motorcycle. "Last thing I remember is the impact," Stracham said.

A week later, in a hospital, she woke up paralyzed from the chest down.

While she was unconscious, her family authorized an experimental surgery. Stracham was only the second person in the world to receive it.

Jordan Fallis, 26, was the first. Last October. he attempted a back-flip on a dirt bike and landed upside down, paralyzing him in the process. Dr. Nicholas Theodore inserted a device called a Neuro-Spinal Scaffold into the wound in Fallis' spinal cord.

"I saw it as my only shot," Fallis recalled.

Theodore told TODAY that, prior to the surgery, no nerve signals had been passing through the hole in Fallis' spinal cord. "That hole gives us an opportunity to put something in, which is the scaffold, to allow those cells that are remaining [and] viable, allow them to hang on and potentially grow," the doctor added.

The best-case scenario is creating an environment to repair the spinal cord, returning it to normal functionality. (To learn more about the technology behind Neuro-Spinal Scaffold surgery, visit InVivo Therapeutics' website.) And while rehabilitation remains an important and routine facet factoring into Stracham and Fallis' recovery, they've both seen some major changes since the surgery.

"I've slowly gotten to move my muscles in my legs," said Fallis, who's now able to walk in a pool. "I've gotten my hip movement back. I've gotten sensory touch to the top of my thighs now."

Stracham has taken a few steps with leg braces. "I can move my hips fully," she said. "I feel all the muscles in my legs. I get charley horses in my calves."

And while Stracham and Fallis have set up GoFundMe accounts to offset the cost of medical bills, the new surgical procedure may "change the way we do and treat spinal-cord injury patients," according to Theodore.

But that's just part of the story. Shortly after Stracham's accident, she reached out to Fallis to discuss the surgery and their injuries.

"We kept it professional," Fallis said with a laugh.

Then things started to change.

"When I found out that his [injury happened] with a back flip, I was, like, 'Oh, gosh, back flip on a dirt bike? This is my kind of guy,'" Stracham said. "And our FaceTime dates became nightly. We'd fall asleep together on FaceTime. I've never connected with somebody on the level that I do with him. It's my fairy tale. Get paralyzed and fall in love."

They may seem like they've known each other forever, but they only met in person two months ago. "He rolled up behind me, we kissed, and it was like, 'Welcome home,'" said Stracham, laughing.

These days, Stracham is back in the driver's seat, racing in a modified ATV. And when she raced over Memorial Day weekend, Fallis was there, cheering her on from the crowd.

Paralyzed couple meet after groundbreaking spinal surgery
Amy McConnell / xcphotos

Jesi Stracham and Jordan Fallis.

"I wasn't paralyzed when I was in that machine," Stracham said.

They've helped each other through tough times, shared a sense of humor about their situations, made plans to go camping, and envisioned building and sharing a home in Arizona.

"I'm going to make him take dancing classes," Stracham said.

Admitted Fallis, "I made a deal with her."

Yara Goldstein

Stracham envisioned teaming up for the famous flourish from the movie "Dirty Dancing," for which he'd hold her in the air by her torso.

"It doesn't matter how long it takes, he's gonna catch me," she added. "He already does."

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