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Just Added Gun Boot Mount

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Lock & Ride Gun Boot Mount
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That looks really cool! Does the gun boot offer decent protection? How about the inside padding? Nice looking ACE!
Yes it offers great protection
Can it be put on either side? Can you put a picture of the inside of the case on here so we can see the padding? Thank you.
It cannot be put on either side. Only left side of drivers seat. I will take picture when I get home.
I did not have to buy the gun boot only the mounting hardware. My gun scabbard fit right in it. It has an inner soft case that goes in the hard case.
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Cool. Sorry, I thought the boot came with it. But it's only the holder. You can use different boots with the brackets?
You can buy both or separate. Not all gun boots fit. I have an older koplin that does not.
Thanks so much for the explanation. I'm sorry I was a bit confused on it. I need one for my groundhog rifle, so it may be the ticket. I'll have to check one out. Thanks!
Thanks for posting up about this. I know a lot of us are interested in gun related carrying options.
I can say I really like how it's mounted to my ace. It's real solid and tucked in just a bit. The only negative is it will get mud thrown on it.
Does the gun boot mount accept a Kolpin 6 gun boot?
I just received the 6.0 in the mail today. I will check tomorrow
The gun boot 6 does not fit as well as I would like it to. It does not slide slide as far down as my other boot. It probably sticks up 6" higher. It would work but I prefer it to be farther down into mount. Cabelas has a sale on them for $49.99 right now.
Can the mount be modified? I had to modify the mount on my 2011 Sportsman XP to take the Kolpin 6.0 boot. It worked fine after that but I had to bungee cord the bottom loop as it was cut.

I just purchased and installed the gun boot mount on my Ace. It fits perfectly. I have a Kolpin Gun Boot 6. I much prefer the Kolpin 6 over the Kolpin 4. It has a clamshell opening and that makes getting your firearm out much easier. I fooled around trying to install mounts on the front cover of the Ace. They cut down on my view of the trail, especially with a tactical shotgun mounted. The gun boot mount has solved the issue of carrying any long gun. I am sure anyone would be perfectly happy with this accessory.
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