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made snorkel for air filter

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All I got to do left is get one more 90 degree for the top to keep rain out and then make a snorkel for the belt and on my talepipe probably just make add on from the end of the stock muffler for now
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thats nice, can you give us some more details, such as size of each piece and how many elbows, and so on. thanks.
It's all 2inch pipe 3 90s and the length idk I just cut to fit sorry uhm idk what else... I can measure Some time this week for yall
Thanks for this. We just put a snorkel in my husband's RZR and he wanted to do my ACE but I didn't want to cut on the ACE to bring it out behind the seat like his is done! This gives me a much less destructive option.
Your welcome! And yea I didn't want to cut into the body this way you can always make it normal again and just buy a new little cover thing.
Hey, looks good. Did you do anything to the lid of the air box? I was looking at it and it doesn't look like it would seal out much water. I was trying to figure out how I was going to run ours and also the CVT inlet/outlet. Thanks!
It does seal good I have some videos where I go threw some waste deep water and another on some deep mud and the only reason it died was when I went threw this little pond the water went into the air filter spot on the side of the ace but I went threw it twice where perfect no problem with the box I've thought about that and I was going to get rid of the box but I didn't want to move my air filter yet. Some people on there rzr air filter box just silicone the lid. And when you take it off just re silicone. But I'm going to do the belt in air side this weekend if anyone has any ideas on the out air pipe for the belt box please let me know!
Snorkel Rain Bonnet - Precleaner assembly

Looks like you got it going on!!! That should work good if you get the pipes all sealed up good! Main thing is not to have it ingest a bunch of water or dirt.

For your inlet rain bonnet to fit the 2" pipe, here's an idea. It's unorthodox, I am sure. Composite Enginaire Precleaner - View attachment 1012 Visit this link: Enginaire.com

View attachment 1013

The model 2-20/150 would be the one that fits a 2" pipe.

These things work great at keeping the water out, and they have an added benefit of removing 85% of the dust before it gets into the air box and on the filter element. I put one on my commercial Deere 717A zero turn mower, and in 300 hours of mowing with it, I don't even have the first piece of grass in the air cleaner housing! Several friends with Land Rovers have put them on their snorkels, and they worked good for them. I seem to remember paying about $60 for the one I got.

Take care.
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Glue, thanks! everything worked out great i tested it the other day. But I had to take it off because I took my cage off to get powder coated and I had to cut the snorkel so I'm going to remake it the same way but this time I'm going to paint it with bed liner.
Hey cumminsdieselgt on that rain bonnet you thinki should but that on the end of the snorkel out of the water right?
You've seen some of the snorkel bonnets that they use on Land Rovers, I'm sure. View attachment 1069

Some are kinda tapered at the top, and look like a mushroom stuck up there on the tube, or, some look like ram air scoops. If you have the "ram air" type, you have to have a drain hole in the system to remove the water that condenses in the pipe from the rain. That reduces the maximum water level based upon the place you drill the hole in the pipe (usually the lowest point so the water will condense and drain rather than get sucked into the engine).

The enginaire type has a "centrifuge" of sorts consisting of an internal impeller that spins from the air moving over it as it goes into the engine. The faster the engine runs, the faster the impeller spins in it, and throws the water, dust, dirt out of the passages on the sides to provide cleaner air through your snorkel to the engine. There are many other types of "rain bonnets" out there that could fit on there. I was just letting you know about the one I found that makes my air cleaner last a lot longer! Hope that will help!
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Do you think it would work on the belt box exhaust pipe? It would be blowing air not sucking it in. Idk how much that would matter I really never go through a lot of water I just like that fact if I want to I can.
No, this pre-cleaner is for the intake side of the engine only. On the exhaust side, unless you kill the engine under water, you should always have expanding exhaust gases coming out of the cylinder which would blow the water out of the muffler if the muffler or tailpipe is submerged. But for extra protection, I guess you could change the muffler and install some sort of a vertical exhaust extension pipe that would exit above your expected maximum water level. That would be a pain though it someone burned themselves on a hot exhaust pipe.
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