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So I have been looking for a heavy duty rear panel that can attach securely to the back of the ace.

Here are my requirements.

1. Molle style slots for adding standard molle gear.
2. Heavy gauge steel or alluminum to carry some weight.
3. Attach with standard 1.75" tube brackets like the EMP quick connects.
4. Must not interfere with the opening of the OEM cargo case.

5. I would love to have the panel in a trapezoid shape.
6. Would like paint or powder coated.
7. Would like to be able to mount a rotopax or two on the outside.
8. Would like to be able to strap molle bags on the inside.
9. Optionally would like to mount a spare tire (instead of rotopax).

I figure, if someone does make these, they would likely be a hot ticket item. It has to be a better spend than a mesh rear panel.

Here are a couple of examples.



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Neat ideas, never thought much about that setup before. Seems easy to make. Kinda hard to tell how they all hook on. I have the polaris bag but this might be better for big trips.
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