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Hey, my name is Tyler and I live and ride in the Midwest area mostly in NE but we are expanding our traveling range this year to MO, KS, OK, and a few more states. My Ace isn't modified too much yet but its always a work in progress. I will update whenever I change something up. If you have questions or what to see something in particular just say so and I'll do my best. Mods so far are UTVGiant doors, RZR wheels with scat traks extreme paddles and doonz fronts, UTVInc 4 point harness, Polaris front bumper, Warn 2500lb winch, LED light bar on the bumper, blue tribal lighted whip, and tomorrow I pick it up from my cage builder.
The day I bought it from the dealer.

Got the bumper, winch, and light bar on.

Put the RZR wheels and sand tires on for a test fit. They rubbed so I had to order some spacers.

Ordered so 7/8" spacers from SLP.

Sand tires on and the new UTVGiant doors installed.

Got the lighted whip and wanted to test it out.

Here is the latest picture that the guy building my cage sent me. He's almost done just a few more pieces to finish up.
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