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my jams

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well i finally got started on stereo, for my ace in the hole. it`s a

Pyle PLMRKT2A 2-Channel Waterproof MP3/iPod Amplified 6.5-Inch Marine Speaker System
it cost me 66.00 at amazon. i`m almost done, i just have too find me some latches, that will
enable me to drop the bottom lid that holds the speakers, in case i have to have access to
the amp or fuse. here`s some pic`s, i will post others when i`m done. oh also those straps
holding it to the roll bar`s is temporary until i find the right clamps. if anyone knows what type
clamps i need please let me know. View attachment 819 View attachment 820 View attachment 821 View attachment 822 View attachment 823 View attachment 824 View attachment 825 View attachment 826
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and yes i`m working on my kitchen table lol,the old lady is gone for the weekend. plus i no longer have a work shed. View attachment 827
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