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Naneum Ridge 2014-05-03

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I went to a place called Naneum Ridge in Eastern Washington with some RZR guys and a Grizzly today.
Got some decent video.

I've just it uploading. It will take a few minutes to finish uploading, processing at YouTube, and then get published. It will be a while longer than that before it can be displayed in HD (which it is).
It should be ready by midnight at the latest, I should think.

Sorry if the video is a little barfy, having the camera mounted on my helmet is kind of an experiment for me. I don't think it's going to work out.
It allows me to point the camera easy enough, and the scenery doesn't bounce around too much, but a large amount of the video frame just shows my vehicle bouncing around barfily and obscuring the view.

Maybe I can get rid of that rear view mirror. With the side mirrors, I can see out the back just as well, and in some cases better.
Because of the way the ACE is shaped, the center mirror mainly just shows ME. I know what I look like.

Maybe it would work better if I mounted the GoPro low on one of the roll bars at the front, on a swivel mount so I can rotate it to look at stuff as we're driving by. Hmm.

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looks like you had a nice ride Scoundrel...how do you like the sport windshield? i ordered one for my Ace and am curious if it helps with dust and such. i didn't want the full windshield as i am i wind in my face kinda guy....Any hoo nice videos
Ace did you check out windshield I posted? Could be a good option. Scoundrel, keep up the videos! Love them!
I actually like the helmet camera, lets us see the nice scenery better. What side mirrors are those?
I feel that the sport windshield is about as good for protection in a dusty ride as a baseball cap is for protection in a hurricane.
it didn't seem to help me out any in rain either.
In fact, I'm really not sure what good it does in any conditions, except to look cool.
I think just about any other windshield option would be better.

The windshield I have on my RZR is FANTASTIC, and I can't wait for someone to make one for the ACE.
It's a flip-up windshield with gas struts. It has three positions: Closed, 6 inches open, and full open.
That way I can decide on the fly without even letting up on the gas pedal how much airflow vs. protection I get.
Here is a similar one from EMP for the RZR: RZR Flip Up Windshield

For side mirrors, I kind of designed this setup myself.
First, I ordered a set of cheap bar-end mirrors, here: Amazon.com: Volar M040-Black Universal ATV Motorcycle Bar End Mirror: Automotive
Then I went to Home Depot and picked up a set of conduit hanger clamps for about $1 each, and painted them black.
I also grabbed a sheet of self-adhesive rubber and cut a couple of strips out of it.

Then I took the cylindrical bar end clamps off of the mirrors, ran the bolt through the hole in the conduit clamp and put a locknut on the other side, lined the inside of the clamps with the rubber strips, and wrapped them around the roll cage.
The rubber strips help to keep the conduit in place and protect the finish of the roll cage.

View attachment 975
View attachment 976

I did this after looking at the various mirror options and deciding that I wanted low profile mirrors instead of the bulky things I see marketed for UTVs.
They aren't "breakaway" as such, but the rubber does allow for some movement, so I think they will probably not break off on tight trails.
If they do, they are dirt cheap to replace. $9 per side, basically.
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