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Nebraska Ride

I received the following info about a ride in Northeast Nebraska coming up on Saturday September 20. Not sure how many of you are within driving distance but sounds like might be a good day. I assume the links can be copied & pasted.

Announcing the annual Verdigre Adventure ride on Saturday September 20th. The ride winds through three northern Nebraska counties. See the flier for more information. The short loop is about 40 miles, the long loop is about 100 to 120 miles and 6 - 7 hours of pretty much continuous riding. A dependable machine is a must! If you are interested in participating in the ride, arrive no later than 8:45 AM at the Verdigree City Park. $20 per driver plus $10 for each rider or passenger and everyone must have a drivers license. For more information visit http://www.nelighyoungmensclub.com/u...nture_ride.jpg

Map to Verdigree City park using Google Maps - you can zoom in and out on the map (meet here at 8:30 AM) https://mapsengine.google.com/map/ed...8.kGisAJ5gdgXA
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