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New Ace owner in Lafayette, IN

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I bought my Ace a couple of weeks ago. My husband got me started on riding a quad a few years ago, but I never got really comfortable on one especially after breaking my tail bone falling off once.
I bought an FJ a year and a half ago and got hooked on wheeling that. My quad got sold and recently with the warmer weather I realized I missed having a smaller vehicle to go on the trails an SUV is too big for. This seemed like a great solution! I've had it out a couple of times and really like it so far.
My husband just noticed yesterday that one of the rear springs, the one on the right if looking from the back, sits very close to the frame. The other side has a gap between the spring and frame. The right one sits much closer for some reason and has rubbed some paint off already. Can't tell why this is except it looks like maybe the lower mount for the shock may be welded on a slightly different spot. Anyone else notice this on theirs?
Have talked to our small town dealer nearby and they said we needed to contact Polaris, did that and they said the dealer needs to handle it using the technical resources from Polaris they have available. So, we'll see how that goes...
Anyway, looking forward to many good times with it and a resolution with the spring rubbing.
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Fjen, welcome to the world of Ace ownership. I hope all goes well with the spring problem. I just looked at mine and they are both the same distance from the frame. If at some point you need photos, just ask.
Welcome to the forum!

AFAIK, Polaris does not work directly with the end user on warranty issues.
It's the dealer's responsibility, and your dealer should know that.
Sorry you're getting the runaround. If your dealer doesn't step up, maybe you can find someone at Polaris who is willing to ring a few bells at your dealer.
How far to the next dealer? If it's not too far, you could let your local one know they're about to lose your business for service visits and parts, and the business of everyone you know.
The next closest dealer is a little over an hour away in Indianapolis. Hope it doesn't come to that, we had to upgrade our trailer when I bought this to an 18ft. one to fit it and hubby's Rhino. Our closest one is in a small near-by town who's original owner is close to retiring and not in the store much any more. His daughter runs it now and she has her son doing the service work. So far, I don't have a warm, fuzzy feeling about his experience/knowledge.
The Polaris rep I talked to last night said she would call the dealer today to educate them on the resources they have and how to handle this. They don't even use a computer there, all records kept in a notebook!

Also importantly, I hope this rain stops by tomorrow so we can take the toys out to play!
Hope it gets sorted and you get a good summer's riding out of it.
But from the sounds of it, you'd be best off going to the big dealer to get this fixed.
Breaking and re-welding a shock mount is no trivial task.

I'd be asking for a new machine.
Makes me wonder how that got by QC people. Someone assembling things is bound to have noticed the fit of the part. If you do the same thing all day long, and something doesn't fall into place just right, why would you just "let it go"? Scratching my head on that one.:confused-new: I'm sure that in this case the squeaky wheel will get the grease, eventually, if you find the man with a grease gun! Welcome, and as hayseed said, post some pictures so we can see what you have going on. Glad you got an ACE, and hope it will pan out good!
The "man" that did the weld job probably looks like the pic below, and the QC person probably only checks every 100th unit to come off the line.

View attachment 1084
Scoundrel, you're probably right! Checking only every 100th one, isn't that part of what happened years ago to vehicles from Detroit? Lack of Quality Control? My nephew's father in law just retired as one of their QC managers at BMW in SC. He goes ballistic when we start to talk about quality controls in manufacturing.... (Easy way to get his blood pressure to come up!)

When I went to the Cummins Mid-Range Engine Plant in Columbus, Indiana last summer, they explained to us that they have several sound controlled and engine test cells where each engine produced is powered by an electric motor, and rotated without fuel being injected and the engine firing. While being rotated, the computers listen and record every aspect of the engine. With the sophistication of these test cells, they can find something as small as an improper finish on a timing gear tooth, or a valve lash being off by 0.001"! Each test cell costs about $5million. Every single engine they produce is tested, and they are capable of producing 2,000 engines a week at that facility. QC for them is truly priority one. It was very impressive.
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That does sounds pretty impressive. Technology is great!
Thanks for the welcome!

Here is a pic of the new toy:

Here's one of the new trailer big enough to pull it and the Rhino:

And a close up of my baby, just for fun!

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I see you already ixnayed the side nets!
I took mine off right away too, but have recently put them back on to see if they help with mud.
Mine haven't been on yet. Not sure if they'd be worthwhile or a pain in the a $$.
The ACE did not come with the nets installed? I was sure that was a Polaris safety requirement and the dealers weren't allowed to remove them before initial delivery or something.
They're less of a pain than the RZR nets were because they got smart and put a stiffener bar in them.
But they're more of a pain than not having anything there.
Nope, mine have never been out of the bag yet.
Dealer set up instructions for Sportsman ACE.

I got home, got my papers out, and found part number 9924090, Dealer set up instructions for the 2014 Sportsman ACE. Scoundrel is right. They should have assembled the machine completely! See instruction #20 and #27-28. Pictures of each page will follow as I can't attach pictures from my phone.
Polaris ACE Dealer Set-up Instructions

Here are the pages from the Polaris Dealer Instructions:
It's a small dealership, not surprising they cut corners. Used to be a Suzuki dealer.
Well, maybe the tech didn't know about the setup instructions, or just didn't follow them. I am glad they gave them to me when I got my ACE.

I would go behind them and double check these things. Never know, if he missed that, what else did he miss? It's your safety on the line, not his...Be safe out there! Besides, it is a great way to get to know your machine, and to examine how it was made. I think you'll be pleased with it once you inspect it thoroughly and make sure all is good!
He's a very young guy and probably inexperienced. It seems like a great machine so far, looking forward to trying it out again tomorrow!
The thing that caused the most grief in RZRs when not inspected/assembled properly by the dealer was loose throttle body hose clamps. That allowed dust to bypass the air filter, and cause engine damage that was not often apparent before the warranty expired.

It's easy to check on the ACE. Just pop the maintenance panel on the bed and look straight down at the air box and throttle body, and check the hose clamps.

I'd check those, and the grease zerks, which should have some grease hanging off of them, indicating they've been hit with a grease gun.
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