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Hey guys, we traded my daughter's rzr 170 in on an ace this last Saturday. She isn't quite big enough for it yet but it won't be long. The 170 was just so rough that she never wanted to ride it so it just sat in the garage so this move just made sense for us. We all had quads prior but traded them in on a 4 seat RZR 900 and ever since my wife has missed her quad. It's funny because I had been all over Craigslist this last couple weeks looking for a good used quad but hadn't found one as of yet. Then out of the blue I get a txt from my mom asking if I had seen one of these, it was a picture of an ace. Immediately I knew that was exactly what I had been waiting for and immediately went to my local dealer who had sold out of all of the ones they had ordered but luckily they were able to find me one just a couple hours away and sent someone that night to get it for me. So far we LOVE it! And my wife is happy again that she can go off and do her own thing and I am happy because I do not have to worry about her as the Ace seems very safe and I am confident that she will be fine out playing on her own in places that the RZR just won't fit. Anyway, here are a few pics!
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