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New owners - what are the intake heights?

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Guys, where are the intakes for the clutch and engine located? Everytime I go and look at one at a dealer, I forget to take notice of how they are routed and how high they are. I am wondering how deep it can go when crossing a creek. Are they both high on the sides? Can you guys share some pics?

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The intakes are just above the rear cargo area on both sides. I am not sure which is the engine air and which is the clutch air.
With stock wheels and tires, you've got about 40" before you're sucking water.
But if you're throwing water into the air with your rear tires, you might suck some in.

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This might be an issue (CVT output). It's lower than the intake.
There are also nylon hoses attached to the diff in front and tranny in back that run up to just below the storage areas. You'd probably want to extend those.

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So it's about tits deep when you should start getting worried?
Yes. Me personally, I start getting worried when it's ankles deep. When it is nuts deep, I'm panicking.
Scoundrel, thanks so much for the pics. That is exactly what I was hoping for!
You're welcome.

You saw the note about the nylon breather hoses? I posted some pics of those on another thread, here they are:

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