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New rim

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Pick these up over the weekend. I should have tires in tomorrow View attachment 614
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Same ones I have!! Did you go 12" or 14"?
I went will 12" I wasn't sure if 14" would look funny on such a small wheel base maybe or maybe not
14" wheels do look a little strange on the ACE, somewhat out of proportion - but from all accounts, they work out OK on the trail.
Very sharp! How much do those wheels weigh? I'm debating on wheels. I'd scratch them up first time out anyway. :)
View attachment 658 I installed the new shoes on the ace . I went with a 26x9x12 big horn
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looks awesome! What's the total with of the ACE with those on there?
What did your width equal out to front and rear with that setup? What was the offset on the rims and how was your clearances?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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