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Newbie from Troutville, VA

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New to the forum a few days ago, and just found this thread to post to. I have never owned a Polaris before, but in looking at Yamaha, Honda, Can Am, and Kawasaki, I was more impressed with the 570 EPS! I was planning on an ATV, and in fact, had found a deal on one at a dealer about 2 hours away from home. On Saturday March 22, I hauled my trailer down there, test rode several models, asked a lot of questions, and was about ready to pull the trigger on the new 570, when I asked if they had an ACE I could look at.

Well, they told me that as a matter of fact they did. Just none in the showroom. The ones that they had were used in the media introduction somewhere in SC the weekend before I came. They had been so busy that week since the weather broke that they did not clean them up. They then told me that they were really dirty, and not to be alarmed. I asked, "...isn't that where these things are supposed to be operated? In the dirt?..."

After testing it out, and having the wife see it, it was all over. That was what would do the trick! Made a deal, and got FREE DIRT along with the deal. How much better could it be?

Look forward to hearing from folks and seeing what they are doing with their machines! Also the tips and tricks as we go along are great! This type of communication about products is very valuable!
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Welcome from TX! Sounds like you got a good deal and you're a happy camper :)
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