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My riding season has really gotten off to a real slow start this year.. Weather, family deaths, family births, family illness, work, etc.. So I'm happy to report I got out Monday afternoon for a solo ride for about 7 hours! I rode one of my many favorite trails, and to top the ride off -- they just groomed the trail. It just rained so zero dust. Riding conditions were a perfect 10.. Up to the point it started raining.. Lol

Under all the right conditions, I guess I forgot just how nice the Ace was. It handled fantastic and never had me asking for more. For those from michigan, I was riding the Bull Gap trail to McKinley. For the first time, I was able to test it's climbing abilities on a decent size sand hill. My first attempt was a failure. It made it about half way up in 2wd. Second attempt was a success in AWD. 3rd time I crawled up in AWD low and it did great. I also went half way up the hill..stopped , and resumed up in low gear and it made it up there!
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The trail agility and handling was awesome. Top speed was 50, I think I could have squeezed another 3 or 4 mph, but I ran out of trail. Overall a great ride with excellent riding conditions.

I did not have my windshield on, but got me wondering if there was a safe way to carry this along when you wanted to remove it...
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